After hurricanes, there is always a lot of trash and debris like sheetrock and insulation to be picked up. The problem with having to travel from one area to another is trying to pack enough trash hauling equipment to get the job done right. The usual tool of choice is of course, the trusty wheelbarrow.  When we went to Texas to help in the wake of hurricane Harvey, we realized that the big problem with wheelbarrows is that they are… BIG. When packing a trailer full of relief supplies and hazard removal equipment, we found that we only had room for 3 wheelbarrows to go around between a whole bus full of volunteers. They just don’t stack well. When we finally got there, we discovered that two of them wouldn’t even fit through the front door; so, we had to go through the back sliding glass door and then all the way around to the side to the trash piles up front.

So we did what we do best, and we made our own solution!

How Improvised Field Equipment can Change an Industry

Notice those black things on the ground (left)? That shorter rolled up tube holds just as much as the wheelbarrow; plus, it can easily fit through any doorway. Just lay it on the floor, fill it with trash, and pick it up by either the ends or the handles and away you go! Using the longer eight foot model, one can haul much more difficult things such as interior doors, frames, and baseboards, etc. The 5, 6, and 8 foot versions are all designed to be used by either one person for lighter loads, or by two persons holding either end just like a litter.

Another obvious advantage of this is the ability to go up and down stairs way more easily and safely than one could with a wheelbarrow.

You don’t have to wait until the next hurricane hits to find a use for one of these though. The compact nature of the trash tote makes it ideal for normal residential use as well. Save time by unrolling it on the ground and raking your pine needles and leaves straight into it. Then when you are done, roll it up and store it anywhere you want without having to take up a bunch of space in your garage or tool shed. So whether you are a home owner wanting to reclaim some space in your garage or you are on a humanitarian mission relief mission, the trash tote will fit you needs just right.