After hurricanes, there is always a lot of trash and debris like sheetrock and insulation to be picked up. The problem with having to travel from one area to another is trying to pack enough trash hauling equipment to get the job done right. The usual tool of choice is of course, the trusty wheelbarrow.  When we went to Texas to help in the wake of hurricane Harvey, we realized that the big problem with wheelbarrows is that they are… BIG. When packing a trailer full of relief supplies and hazard removal equipment, we found that we only had room for 3 wheelbarrows to go around between a whole bus full of volunteers. They just don’t stack well. When we finally got there, we discovered that two of them wouldn’t even fit through the front door; so, we had to go through the back sliding glass door and then all the way around to the side to the trash piles up front.

So we did what we do best, and we made our own solution!


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