• Great for people of any height.
  • Safer and less in-the-way than a traditional pull cord.
  • Many alternate aplications for around the house.



The Attic Stair Pole gets rid of the unsightly string that allows you to open those folding stairs in your hallway. If you are shorter than your spouse, hopefully, the contractor made the string long enough for you to reach it, but that also means that it is always in the way of your spouse.

If your ceiling is nine or more feet high, either the traditional cord pull or a hook on a pole can also be dangerious since the unfolding stairs are prone to swing down unexpectedly and hit you even if the cord or hook is a proper length for the user. The ASP solves this by controling the eye bolt in both directions with its unique two directional hook. This means that as you unfold the stairs, the pole can switch from pulling to pushing so that the stairs do not jump out at you or get caught in the opening.

The ASP is useful for more than just attic stairs. It is also an ideal solution for hanging christmas lights, reaching cloths on the top bar of a two level closet, and many other applications that you may find around your home that you once needed a cumbersome ladder or footstool to reach.