Includes the Pro 14″ QuickTrench SlideHammer Tool with D-handle Striker and 12″ Electrical Conduit insertion tool.

Trying to work in particularly hard soil conditions or struggling with thick roots?  Instead of ruining your standard QuickTrench Digger by hitting it with a sledgehammer, you might want to consider our newest addition to the QuickTrench tool set… the SlideHammer Tool! Think of it like a precision axe guided by a jackhammer. The SlideHammer Tool is capped with a self-lubricating high-impact resistant polymer that is especially designed to be hit.

How to use it:
The main body of the tool is very similar to our 14″ Pro QuickTrench Digger, so you can use it by itself in soft soil conditions, but when you hit a thick root, hard clay, or just need to get really deep, you place the 10 pound striker tool over the handle and slam it like a pile driver.  If you notice the markers, you can see that the top of the blade is at 8″, the blue marker is 12″, the white marker is 18″, and the bottom of the striker tool comes down to 24″; so, it is really easy to get a consistent target depth.

In average soil conditions, most of our test users reported being able to drive down to the white marker or even cut through 1.5″ oak roots in under a minute!