Includes the standard 8″ Quick Trench Shovel and 9″ Irrigation insertion tool.

The the Quick Burial Invisible Trenching Set is the perfect tool for do-it-yourselfers and light-duty professionals looking for a simple and affordable tool for burying wire, sprinkler systems, or conduit. It enjoys all the advantages of a hand trenching system making it much less likely to destroy existing water lines etc. than motorized trench diggers, but where traditional hand trenching is measured at only a few feet per hour, this system works at a rate of ONE FOOT PER MINUTE!

The system consists of two hand tools: the Rapid Trencher and the Burial Tool.

Unlike a traditional trenching shovel, the Rapid Trencher does not remove any dirt from the hole. It simply moves it out of the way, and because of the unique shape of the blade it can easily slice through sod and small roots.

Simply pressing down on the Rapid Trencher with your foot coupled with a little bit of rocking is all it takes to cut through most dirt and sod layer roots. By then rocking it side to side, the slot opens up making room for the piping. If you want to go deeper, simply lift the trencher and jam it back into the hole you just created. The weight of the trencher alone will usually be enough to bury it several more inches per thrust. The same rocking motion will then open the deeper trench. Continue until you have the trench formed to the desired depth.

One of the other advantages of this tool is that it allows you to see in both directions while digging, thus making precisely shaped trenches much easier. In addition, it allows you to work up close to plants without disturbing them.

The next step is to lay the conduit, wire etc over the trench and press it to the bottom using the yellow handled Burial Tool. Because of the way its end is made, it will not damage the wire or tubing. As you press the wire, the sides of the trench will typically close in over the top of it on its own.

That’s right, the slit magically closes back up! Even up close, the seam left in grass is almost invisible even MINUTES after the job is done!