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  • Home filling station for natural gas vehicles.
  • Can fill a natural gas vehicle at the same rate as most gasoline pumps.
  • Works off of the same natural gas lines you already have in your home.
  • Compresses gas as quietly as a refrigerator.

With the rising price of gasoline, many car owners are finding out about the many benefits of natural gas as a fuel alternative for their vehicles. It is several times cheaper, safer, and better for the environment. So, why is everyone still driving around in their gasoline powered vehicles?

The main reason we find is a lack of convenient filling options. It is not offered at most gas stations, and other home filling solutions for your natural gas powered vehicle are noisy and can take several hours to fill your vehicle

This is where the Xtra-Quick Filling station comes in. Unlike similar products that use loud powerful compressors to directly fill your vehicle from the wall over the course of several hours, this station works around the clock by using a smaller, quitter, more energy efficient compression system to store gas in its on-board gas tanks. When you are ready to fill up, just plug it in and watch as it fills your tank when you need it, just like going to a gas station.