• One Step tool for taping and floating of joints and nail heads when installing drywall.
  • Trigger works like a caulking gun for precise control of mud flow. Much less mess than
    other systems. Just a tiny squeeze between nail heads and you may never use
    any other way to cover them again.
  • Traditional shaped dispensing tools mimic standard drywall knifes. With a little practice,
    you can lay as pretty a seam as you do with them.
  • The corner tool makes inside corners a one step process. MUCH Faster than using a straight
    knife to load the corner and then following up with a corner tool.
  • Fast reloading with re-usable cartridges. You can place them stragically around the room
    (like in the corners) for un-interrupted use with stilts.
  • Easy cleanup with just a bucket of water. Just stick the end in a bucket and pull back
    and forth on the pump rod.