• Wedge shaped “finger” good for easy cornering and centering on flat surfaces.
  • Trigger operated cutter.
  • Tapes an average sized bedroom in as little as seven minutes.

Introducing the ProMesh Tape Gun! It comes with a holster; so, it’s always ready for action. It allows a drywall installer to easily tape an entire bedroom in about SEVEN MINUTES with absolutely NO MESS. Because you are not constantly stopping to add mud, you can easily tape three average rooms without stopping to reload. Try that with a banjo or bazoka tape installer.

Mesh tape has several distinct advantages over paper tape. Mesh tape has an adhesive so it sticks where you put it. In addition, the open mesh can’t trap air or water. One of the biggest causes for paper tape failure is air trapped behind the tape during installation. Also, if you get a ceiling water leak with paper tape, there is a good chance that you will have to redo an entire seam. Because mesh tape doesn’t hold water, the repair is usually much smaller.

One of the biggest complaints about mesh tape is that it is harder to cut, especially if you are doing inside corners. The ProMesh Tape Gun solves this by having a trigger operated cutter.

The pointed “finger” allows you to easily center 2″ or 2-3/8″ wide mesh tape over flat seams or tuck evenly into corners. When you reach the end, just pull the trigger! The tape is cut cleanly right where you want it.